Clearing & Forwarding
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Clearing & Forwarding

We Earth Global Logistics provides comprehensive Clearing & Forwarding Services in Gujrat India, for hassle-free import and export of consignments by sea, air and road. We share professional relationships with a number of customs clearance and freight forwarding agents worldwide; ensuring the prompt and safe delivery of your goods. We also assist our clients in preparing documents related to import and export, completion of appraisement and examination procedures and payments. Our team of experienced professional swing into action to clear cargo the moment it arrives, saving our customer time and money. After completion of all customs formalities & documentations, we deliver the consignments at customer’s desired destination.

Why We Are The Best

We help you to building an enhanced global supply chain by offering maximum use of our core competencies of a trading-house-based logistics company. We balance your company’s  operational, speed and cost requirements, various shipment choices including ocean, truck, rail, barge, or plane  at the best rate.

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